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Products and Services we supply:

1. Drilling Tools

We are the Solo Agency for Bits, Volgaburmash, JSC and Uralburmash, JSC are largest Russian manufacturers of advanced high quality rock-cutting tools for oil & gas, mining and construction industries.

The Companies has more than 300 patent and manufacture over 1000 roller cone bit designs for the oil and gas industry ranging from 75.0 mm (2-61/64”) to 660.4 mm (26”) with milled teeth and tungsten carbide inserts, over 250 standard sizes of mining roller cone bits ranging from 75.0 mm (2-61/64”) to 393.7 mm (15-1⁄2”) for compressed-air drilling in various mining and geological conditions. Also, Volgaburmash, JSC manufactures over 350 designs of PDC  bits with matrix or steel bodies for various drilling applications ranging from 83 mm (3-1/4”) to 444.5 mm (17-1/2”), PDC core bits for core drilling and near-
bit stabilizers.

The base of the Companies’ development is working out and introducing innovative technologies in all aspects of their activities providing high product quality levels: in design engineering, manufacturing technology, and after-sales service.

The Companies have worked out a successful thorough system of automated Design engineering, technology process planning, and engineering evaluation (CAD/ CAM/CAE-system) based on the unified environment of Siemens UG NX software system that is widely used by the world’s leading companies.
Design engineering system incorporates patented research results, math model simulation, selecting the optimal drill bit design parameters, and multi-factor analysis of bit test results. When designing a bit, a designer has at his disposal software for automated drafting of a profile and bottom-hole coverage, for evaluation of dulling characteristics, selection of optimal parameters of bit hydraulics, load balancing to improve bit steerability as well as analysis of field test results using advanced statistical processing methods.

Quality Management System

Volgaburmash, JSC, and Uralburmash, JSC have implemented, certified, and maintain Quality Management System (QMS) that complies with ISO 9001 requirements. Besides, Volgaburmash QMS has been certified according to API Spec.Q1 for more than 15 years. The Company also has implemented ISO

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  • PDC drill Bits (Matrix – Steel).

  • Roller Cone Drill Bits (Milled Tooth – TCI).

  • Core Bit.

  • Hole Opener.

  • Bicentric Bits.

Drill bits and completion bits

  • PDC drill Bits (Steel Body – Matrix).

  • Roller Cone Bits( Steel Tooth – TCI).


  • Technological Solution.

  • WELLCAD software for data analysis.

  • DecisionSpace for landmark and Petrophysics.

  • BitScan for bit design.

  • Sensitivity Module bit analysis.

  • Simulation Module.

  • WellScan Direction prediction.

  • ANSYS CFD analysis for Hydraulics.

Industrial Gases

With high purity, in both Liquid and Gaseous status

  • Argon: Cylinder Filling

  • Nitrogen: Liquid in tanks and cylinder filling.

  • Hydrogen: Cylinder Filling.

  • Freon: R134 , R22

  • Oxygen (Medical and Industrial grades): Liquid in tanks and cylinder filling.

  • Acetylene: Cylinder Filling

  • Carbon Dioxide “CO2”: Liquid in tanks and cylinder filling.

  • Helium : Cylinder Filling

  • Air: Cylinder Filling.

Cylinders Maintenance:

  • Cylinders inspection.

  • Hydrostatic test.

  • Valve test and replacement.

  • Cylinders Painting.

  • Test Certificate.


Main Supplier for chemical (Trithin UK – Elkem UAE).
Used for Coil Tubing, Cementing, Stimulations, Laboratory.

  • Hydrochloric Acid (HCl).

  • Mutual Solvent.

  • Iron Sequestering Agent (Complexing)

  • Iron Reducing agent-stabilizing

  • Acetic Acid.

  • MicroVES.

  • Soda Ash.

  • CT-Lubricant Friction Reducers.

  • Asphaltene Solvent.

  • Xylene.

  • Toylene.

  • Corrstion Inhibtor H2S.

  • Extenal Inhibtor.

  • Internal Inhibtor.

  • Iso propanol.

  • Sodium Hydroxide.

  • Gel Cleant out ,HT

  • Friction Reducers-Pumping

  • Calcium Chloride.

  • Sodium Chloride.

  • Calcium Carbonite.

  • Guar Slurry.

  • Corrosion inhibitor HT 250-350F

  • Defoamer.

  • Botassiom Chloride.

  • Ammonuim chloride.

  • Ammonuim Bioflouride ABF

  • Ammonium Chloride

  • Cetric Acid.

  • Potassium Hydroxide.

Oil , Grease and lubricants